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Express / The Deluxe / The Newstar Manicure

Express Manicure

An express manicure is a short and efficient manicure session. The manicurist will start the session by soaking your hands in warm water or apply a layer of gel to soften any dead cuticles. The manicurist will then file, buff trim off the cuticles, and a swift massage to nourish your hands. She will then apply the base coat and topcoat. Lastly, cuticle oil is applied on your nail bed and fingers and the express manicure is done.

How long does it take? A basic gel express nails manicure takes up to 30 minutes to complete. Express gel nail polish usually do not last as long as classic gel manicure the nail polish lifts up easily due to the excess cuticles on your natural nails.

OPI ProSpa Soothing Soak

- horse chestnut, calendula & sage soothe fatigued feet

- detoxifying magnesium sulfate helps reduce inflammation

- non-clogging, spa-safe formula is ideal for pedicure thrones

The Deluxe Manicure

• OPI ProSpa Soothing Soak

• Cleansing, shaping, cuticle care

• Gently, ease away dead deep skin cells with No1 Sugar Scrub

• Massage with oil massage and Deep Moisturizing Lotion

• Polish nail, finish with quick dry top coat

The Newstar Manicure

• OPI ProSpa Soothing Soak

• Cleansing, shaping, cuticle care

• Gently ease away dead skin cells with ProSpa Exfoliating Scrub

• Paraffin Wax

• 7-minute massage with oil massage and OPI ProSpa Moisture Cream

• Polish nail, finish with quick dry top coat

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